Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan

“Success with contact lenses involves the whole team.“

Success with contact lenses involves the whole team and includes introducing contact lenses to people for the first time, monitoring current wearers and uncovering lapsed wearers who appreciate the opportunity to experience new products and great advice. Sarah will give you her top tips for involving all staff talking about contact lenses with patients.

Sarah Morgan is an optometrist, and has worked in clinical research at The University of Manchester where she gained her MPhil – she continues to lecture and lead clinical sessions and holds the post of Vision Sciences Fellow. Her business consultancy, eyecommunicate, includes a wide portfolio of projects including staff development and training, advising professional organisations, and healthcare communication initiatives for manufacturers in the UK, Europe and globally. Sarah is an entertaining Key Note speaker and has lectured extensively across Europe, North America, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and the British Contact Lens Association.